Michael Schimmelpfennig
(University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

The Songs of Chu (Chuci) : A Bibliography   楚辭圖書目錄





This bibliography is one scholar’s selection of materials for the current study of the Songs of Chu. It will gradually be updated. The author does not attempt to gather every existing article from within the vast ocean of publications on the Chuci, one reason being the already famous and comprehensive bibliographies by Jiang Liangfu and Cui Fuzhang in combination with the current updates in Zhongguo Chucixue, the other being the large amount of repetition and duplication already stressed by James Hightower in 1954 and still obvious in current Chinese scientific publications. The author will be grateful for pointing out every serious omission or mistakes to him. He will be even more grateful for suggestions of additional material to be entered into the bibliography. Any comment or critique should be directed to: michael.schimmelpfennig@rzmail.uni-erlangen.de

2nd version, 2007-2010 (last update 02/2010)


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