Michael Schimmelpfennig (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Chuci Bibliography   楚辭圖書目錄

Areas of Chuci Research:




General introductions, first reference
Reference works, bibliographies, indices
Major editions and collections
Studies on the perception of Qu Yuan and the Songs of Chu in Chinese history
Studies on Songs of Chu research
Conference and research reports
        Translations into Western languages
        Annotated translations into modern Chinese
        Annotated translations into Japanese

Songs of Chu, general works and research collections
Comparative studies
Development and arrangement of the anthology
The Lisao, Studies and commentaries
Jiu ge, Studies and commentaries
Tianwen, Studies and commentaries
Jiu zhang and Ju Song, Studies and commentaries
Yuan you, Studies and commentaries
Zhao hun, studies, commentaries and related works
Primary sources related to the Songs of Chu
Studies on Han-dynasty poetry related to the Songs of Chu
Qu Yuan, biography and questions related to his person
Rhyme, phonetics, grammar
Literature on Chu related to the Songs of Chu
Literature on Han dynasty topics related to the Songs of Chu
Wang Yi and his commentary
Pre-Tang, Tang- and Song-dynasty commentary studies
The question of evocation, allegory and imagery
Modern Novels and other works based on Qu Yuan and the Songs of Chu
Movies and TV Series
Websites related to Qu Yuan and the Songs of Chu
Archaeology, Divination, Shamanism and the Songs of Chu
Places and Monuments related to Qu Yuan, Song Yu et al.
Paintings, Illustrations and the Songs of Chu

M. Schimmelpfennig's research on the Songs of Chu

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